My Expert Service

Welcome! My name is Angelica and I use my gift to help others. As an accurate Psychic Advisor, Clairvoyant and Empathic Counselor. I can provide you with answers to your questions about love, relationships, money, career and much more.I read with tenderness, compassion, empathy and encourage personal strength, self-reliance and a positive approach to life situations.  My energy will uplift you as I focus on your questions and life issues, helping you to discover the beauty within you as well as the choices before you.

Call Me Now!  I can Help!(818)274-2131

Do you sometimes feel powerless to overcome the negative things in your life?  Are you frustrated about a relationship that you feel is not going in a positive direction?  Do you sometimes have dreams or intuitions that you do not understand?  I can help!

"I am your Friend first and then your Psychic Advisor.  Call me "   (818)274-2131

*Please be so kind to leave a rating at the end of our call. 

You are never alone...
Your Guardian Angel is right besides you
Always ready to help
at the slightest need...
But first, you must believe

"See, I am sending an angel ahead of you to guard you along the way and to bring you to the place I have prepared."
Exodus 23:20


Jesus surrounds us with each rising star
With angels amongst us, never too far
Each passing moment, our hands raised up high
Give thanks to our guardians from our heavenly sky

    Clairvoyant - Ability to See
  • Objects
  • Images
  • Signs
  • Symbols
  • Events

    Clairsentient - Ability to Feel
  • Emotions
  • Resistance
  • Barriers

    Clairaudient - Ability to Hear
  • Sounds
  • Voices
  • Phrases
  • Music
  • Talks surrounding Events

    Empathic - Ability to Discern
  • Comprehension of the 'State' of Others
  • True Intentions
  • Hearts Desires



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